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Workshops and Intensives in Rishikesh

Meditation Intensive with Guru Ji

This is your opportunity to share space with, and learn from, a true master. This 6 day, 12 hour meditation workshop will introduce you to a wide variety of meditation techniques some of which include metta meditation, chakra meditations, transcendental, japa, Osho, and Kundalini to name a few. Come and learn from a truly inspiring teacher. Guru Ji has an incredible gift which allows him to help practitioners clear their mind, become still, and experience true peace within.

The cost for this course is 12,000INR for a total of 12 hours of instruction. Please contact us for further details and availability.

Yogic Philosophy Immersion

This is your opportunity to learn about ancient yogic philosophy from one of the most highly regarded philosophy teachers, in India. This very special course is led by Guru Ji, Meditation, Reiki Master, Author and philosopher. This course is open to everyone regardless of whether or not you wish to teach and is one of our most loved programs. You will learn about some of the key influential texts in the evolution of yogic philosophy, the ancient Vedic systems and principles, Ashtanga Yoga philosophy, Hatha Yoga Philosophy, and most importantly, simple steps that will change your mind patterns and allow you to lead a blissfully happy life.

The cost is 9000INR for a total of 9 hours of class time. Please contact us for further details and or availability.

Intro to inversions

It’s time to stir things up and flip your energy upside down! This training is for those who want to advance their practice and for those who simply want to discover something new, both on the mat and within them. This workshop will inspire and challenge you to play deeply with great courage. From head stand to handstand, the adventure begins. Be ready to move, breathe, and fly into new spaces within yourself. Beginners and experienced practitioners are welcome.

Please contact us for dates, availability, and pricing. The program dates are flexible.

Introduction to Arm Balancing

To be fearless and trust – Easier said than done, right? Arm balances are both exciting and very challenging. In this training we will explore what it means to trust your own body to support you. Delving deeply into arm balances we will play from the ground up, challenging our perception of what we can do which allows us to dance into a world of possibility and grace. With a greater understanding of the anatomy of the shoulders we can move more effectively and gracefully into this beautiful practice. Cultivate a deeper awareness of the planes of movement and explore new and intricate variations and transitions with ease. Discover the functional importance of stabilizing muscles and ways to activate them to powerfully harness more efficient strength. An integrated approach this workshop will include both anatomy lecture and asana practice. Come ready to play. Beginner’s and experienced practitioners welcome.

Please contact us for dates, availability, and pricing. The program dates are flexible.