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Q. Are there any pre-requisites for the 200 hour YTT program?

A. We ask that all students have an already established a consistent practice, have an open heart, an open mind, a sincere desire to learn about all facets of yoga, and a willingness to embrace the practices without any predisposed expectations.

Q. Are there any prerequisites for the advanced 300 our Yoga and Ayurveda YTT program?

A. Yes. All registrants must have completed a foundational 200 hour program at a yoga alliance recognized institute and must have a minimum of 3 year practice. Their practice does not need to consist of advanced asana but rather consistency in practice.

Q. Is there a practical component within the course?

A. Yes there is. Both of our programs have been designed to teach participants how to teach and thus you will have ample time to practice sequencing, leading classes of various length, and of various styles.

Q. Is there a final written exam.

A. Yes there is.

Q. Do I need a Visa to visit India and if so, what type of Visa should I apply for?

A. Yes, you will require a visa to enter into India. We highly recommend you apply for a tourist visa as this guarantees your acceptance and is the fastest and easiest visa to obtain. As we are not a large educational institution, it is not possible for us to provide all the documentation required for someone to obtain a student visa. India now offers an e-visa program which is excellent and makes the process even easier than before. Please read through the government website to learn more about how you can apply for a visa. Note you will need at least 6 months validity on your passport.

Q. What is the nearest airport to Varkala?

A. You can fly into Trivandrum International Airport, also known as Thiruvananthapuram International airport and it is located 45km from Varkala.

Q. Can you help arrange transportation from the airport?

A. Yes we can assist. The cost will be 1700INR and the drive will take about 1 hour. If you wish us to book a driver we ask you provide us with your complete flight details including date and time of arrival, airline, flight number, and departure city.

Q. How will I find my driver?

A. After you have cleared customs, picked up your luggage and handed your landing card to the customs officer, you will exit via the arrivals doors. Your driver will be waiting for you here holding a sign with your name on it. After you have met your driver, he will call us to confirm your pick up, then proceed to drive you to Suddha Anand Yogshala in Varkala

Q. what happens if my flight is delayed?

A. If your flight is delayed, your driver will already know and will await your later arrival. No problem.

Q. what day should I arrive?

A. We highly recommend you arrive at least a day early so you can acclimatize and settle in before the program begins.

Q. Can I stay additional nights and if so what is the cost?

A. Sometimes, if we have availability we can offer extended stay after the course has finished and the cost will be 500INR per night.  Please check with us in advance to confirm if we have space available for your dates.

Q. What is the address and contact details of SUDDHA ANAND YOGSHALA ASHRAM?

A. Our new address is:
Suddha Anand Yogshala
Fortingall Sea Resort
Opposite Deshadan Cliff & Beach Resort, Kurakkanni Cliff, Varkala, Kerala 695141
Phone: +91 9639 155 503 or +91 8126 729 154

Q. Can I withdraw money from ATMS?

A. Yes you can. There are ATMs at the airport and also in Varkala town. We recommend you tell your bank that you are going to India before you travel so they allow withdrawals from ATMs in India. As many stores and restaurants do not cater for credit cards, it’s a good idea to bring some cash or your bank card for withdrawals.

Q. Can I exchange money in Varkala?

A. Yes you can. You can exchange cash either at the airport but also at many centers in Varkala.

Q. Are there any extra costs?

A. Extras include transfers to Varkala, Sunday meals, shopping, personal massages, and excursions.

Q. How much money should I bring?

A. It varies, depending how much you shop, spend on massages, etc. Most people can spend between US-$ 200 - US-$ 400. As example, a 60 min massage will cost between 800-1000INR, pair of pants 250-350INR; lunch outside 300-400INR per meal, delicious smoothies 100INR, and small chai’s 10-30 Indian rupees.

Q. When is the balance of Tuition due?

A. You can pay your balance of tuition at any time prior to the commencement of the program.

Q. How can I pay my balance of tuition?

A. You can pay by international bank transfer or in cash in either INR or USD. If paying by bank transfer, please note you will be asked to pay any transaction fees as we require the full tuition amount and we require the entire tuition be paid before you begin the course. Bank transfers must be sent one month prior to ensure we receive it on time.

Q. Do you have a list of recommended things to bring?

A. Please bring WHITE CLOTHING (for opening, closing ceremony) a simple white t-shirt and white pants is perfect. You can also bring a personal YOGA MAT but this is not necessary as we have yoga mats at the shala. We recommend you also bring a no slip YOGA TOWEL and be prepared to sweat a lot in our classes. You may also wish to bring a towel as we do not provide towels.

Q. Do you offer laundry services?

A. Most students wash clothing by hand and hang dry but we can arrange laundry service for you. We do not have a washing machine for use.

Q. What type of clothing should I bring?

A. As it is hot and you will be sweating daily, you might want to pack a couple sets of tops and yoga pants. You can also choose to travel light and purchase colorful, stylish, inexpensive items here.

Q. is there a dress code at the ashram?

A. Yes, there is. We ask that you respect the Indian culture and always wear a t-shirt or tank top, leggings, or loose fitting cotton pants while in class and at our ashram. No shorts, or sports bras are to be worn in class. You may choose to purchase clothing locally upon arrival as there are many wonderful shops and products are very inexpensive.

Q. Do you supply bath towels?

A. We do not provide towels for students. Please bring your own or purchase one locally. We recommend you travel light and buy all your toiletries locally. There are so many amazing organic Ayurvedic product lines in India that you’ll love. So save the weight (and the cost) and purchase here J

Q. what type of adapter do I need?

A. India has the Type D electrical plug has three large round pins in a triangular pattern. You can also use 2 prong.

Q. Are mosquitos a problem?

A. We live in a tropical environment and there are mosquitos. If mosquitos tend to bother you we suggest you purchase some local ayurvedic, all natural products and oils. You will also find after your detoxification, the mosquitos won’t find you that appealing.

Q. Is the sun strong in Varkala?

A. Yes. Extremely strong. We recommend you bring your own high quality sunscreen products and hat to keep you protected. You can purchase these items locally as well but brand will be different then at home.

Q. what is the weather like in Varkala?

A. It’s a tropical environment with dry season and monsoon season. Both seasons are beautiful and offer their own advantages. Monsoon is optimal for yogic practice and ayurvedic treatments due to increased humidity and lower exposure to strong sun rays and heat but we do not recommend you swim in the ocean from June 1-Oct 1. Dry season is hot and dry and you can swim in the ocean.


Q. What type of food is provided?

A. Meals are Indian (sattvic) vegetarian. Please inform us if you have any allergies.

Q. what type of yoga equipment do you have?

A. The shala is equipped with mats, belts, blocks & bolsters.

Q. Can you provide a sample daily schedule?


• Ashtanga Vinyasa 06:00-07:00
• Pranayama 07:00-08:30
• Breakfast 09.00-10:00
• Philosophy 10:00-11:00
• Lecture 11:00-12:00
• Anatomy 12:00-13:00
• Lunch 13:00-14:00
• Rest/free time 14:00-15:30
• Meditation 15:30-16:30
• Hatha yoga 16:30-18:00
• Dinner 18:30-19:30

Q. Do I need travel insurance?

A. We recommend you take out travel insurance to cover cancellation, loss of luggage and other eventualities.

Q. Do I need any vaccinations?

A. Please visit your local travel medical clinic and ask them for their option as they will be most up to date on any potential threats.

Q. Does the ashram have wifi?

A. There is wi-fi and mobile phone connection at the ashram.

Q. Do you co-ordinate any group activities on days off?

A. Sunday is your day off and you can rest, relax, walk, explore the areas, etc. If you wish to head out we can put you in contact with a wonderful tour guide who can help make arrangements.

Q. Do you have a list of recommended readings prior to the 200 hour programs?

A. It is not mandatory that you study in advance, but if you choose to do so, here is a list of suggested readings that will greatly assist in your absorption of deeper knowledge you will learn while with us.

Hatha Yoga Pradipika, by Swami Muktibodhananda
The light on Yoga, by B.K.S. Iyengar
The light on Pranayama, by B.K.S. Iyengar
The Light on Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, by B.K.S. Iyengar
Yoga Anatomy, by Leslie Kaminoff & Amy Matthews
Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume 1, by Ray Long
Key Poses of Yoga: Scientific Keys, Volume 2, by Ray Long

Q. do you have any recommendations for how to prepare for the 200 hour program?

A. The program is physically and mentally demanding. We recommend you start preparing yourself in advance so your body and mind to not fatigue. A great way to do so is to begin a daily asana practice. Start with one class per day then slowly increase to 2 classes per day. Try to eventually aim for a total of minimum 3 hours of asana each day. Do not rush this process….slowly increase as your body and mind allows.

We also suggest you try to develop a meditation practice of minimum 5 minutes per day.

If you are not already an early riser…it may be beneficial to start training yourself now, to wake earlier. Our daily program begins at 06:00 and you will be expected to rise and prepare yourself by 5:15am. So start waking up a little earlier each week until you find you are accustomed to rising at this time.

Incorporating the above practices now will ensure you are ready and prepared to absorb the beauty of each and every day of your YTTC.